Duties & responsibilities of quality assurance managers

RIC Industrial Consultants is at the forefront of providing consulting services to a versatile range of industries. A quality assurance manager plays a pivotal role in ensuring the highest calibre of standards of a product, process or service. The quality assurance manager also ensures the implementation of standards and regulations according to industry standards. The … Read more

Understanding the importance of quality assurance

RIC Industrial Consultants has a focussed approach to streamlining organisational functions and ensuring sustainability for businesses. Quality assurance plays an integral role in the development and consistency of products, processes and systems for organisations and their stakeholders. Quality assurance contributes to the consistent development of products and service streams of clients, which in turn ensures … Read more

The process behind a site expansion plan

When your business starts scaling and requires more space in its facility to operate, you will need to start thinking about expanding your site. Whether your company has a site for office space or is in the business of manufacturing, the expansion of your premises is something that needs to be planned for continuously. This … Read more

How is performance acceptance testing done?

A look into what performance acceptance testing is and how it’s conducted

When purchasing a new plant or equipment for your manufacturing, fabrication, or storage facility needs, you need to be sure that the hardware you get works properly and won’t fail on you. Suppliers thus need to take the utmost precaution before handing over a new piece of equipment. This essential due diligence is called performance acceptance testing.

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5 Phases of project management

Project management can be a very overwhelming job; however, it becomes more manageable when it is broken down into its 5 phases; initiation, planning, implementation, monitoring and closure. Read more about these 5 phases below: Initiation The first phase of project management is the initiation phase. During this stage, the project manager will study various … Read more

What is project management?

A project is a variety of operations that are used to complete a task. The project needs to be managed from start to finish to ensure smooth operations and time management. Project management is one of the most important parts of a project. Read more about project management below: What is it? Project management is … Read more

What is Capacity Analysis?

For an order fulfillment, materials handling, or manufacturing operation to be truly successful, certain best-practices must be followed. Measuring Key Performance indicators (KPIs) and using them to analyze your business’s performance over time is one such factor. Others include investing appropriately in employee training, ensuring that you are choosing the best partners for your company’s needs, and investing in the right technologies to keep you competitive.

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What is a Facilities Engineer?

A facilities engineer designs, reviews and implements new processes or improvements in the operations or construction of a manufacturing or related facility. Facilities engineers analyze material and labour costs, set procedures and standards, review construction or production bids, and may also be responsible for overall plant operations. Facility engineers plan, design and oversee the reconfiguration, maintenance and alteration of equipment, machinery, buildings, structures and other facilities. They ensure the optimal operation of high-rise commercial real estate, commercial and industrial plants, university campuses, medical centres, offices and government facilities.

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