What is Capacity Analysis?

For an order fulfillment, materials handling, or manufacturing operation to be truly successful, certain best-practices must be followed. Measuring Key Performance indicators (KPIs) and using them to analyze your business’s performance over time is one such factor. Others include investing appropriately in employee training, ensuring that you are choosing the best partners for your company’s needs, and investing in the right technologies to keep you competitive.

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What is a Facilities Engineer?

A facilities engineer designs, reviews and implements new processes or improvements in the operations or construction of a manufacturing or related facility. Facilities engineers analyze material and labour costs, set procedures and standards, review construction or production bids, and may also be responsible for overall plant operations. Facility engineers plan, design and oversee the reconfiguration, maintenance and alteration of equipment, machinery, buildings, structures and other facilities. They ensure the optimal operation of high-rise commercial real estate, commercial and industrial plants, university campuses, medical centres, offices and government facilities.

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