supply chain management

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RIC is a professional Industrial Engineering Firm that provides end to end solutions to an array of organisations in a broad cross section of industries. With offices in South Africa, Argentina and Israel, RIC has a 30-year history of providing integrated…

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supply chain management

Facilities Engineering

Having an optimally developed and functioning facility that supports its design and operational needs, as well as those of the business (capacity, flexibility, operational and capital expenditure minimisation, etc.). Irrespective of a Greenfield or Brownfield facility, RIC will address these needs and the multidisciplinary demands within the workplace, to ensure an optimally engineered investment.


Business Value Engineering

Extracting value from all aspects of a business is imperative in order to gain a competitive advantage, whether this being through monetary terms or additional dimensions such as loyalty. RIC’s concept of value therefore not only spans the typical form of addressing economic value, but through to alternate forms as well, such as employee, customer, supplier, managerial and societal value. Optimally defined solutions incorporating their cost-to-benefits, risks and sustainability will be developed, using redefined processes, tools, procedures, systems, architectures, strategies, cultures and performance metrics, as applicable.
supply chain management

Supply Chain Optimisation

The way a company takes the complex decisions it faces every day is the difference between failure and success. RIC applies the technical and operational insights gained at the customer to develop custom solution to optimise every aspect of the supply chain, from its strategic network design, through its tactical planning, up to the operations detailed scheduling and real-time management.

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We have assisted companies in more than 20 countries to improve their operation and save millions of dollars

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